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Yarn Corner: Aurora DK

Incredible Value for 345m of self-patterning yarn

In the spirit of warming yourself for the winter without turning up the radiator or breaking the bank account, we’d like to offer you an extra special yarn corner discount for one of our newest lines from trusted Yorkshire brand James C. Brett.

Aurora DK is priced at £3.99 per 100g ball. If you’re looking to pick up something soft, something colourful, and something economical, use your Yarn Corner discount to save 15% and get to making cosy Aurora granny square blanket.

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Released just last month, Aurora DK is an absolutely gorgeous self-patterning line available in 6 perfectly matched colour combinations:

Aurora DK Yarn Full RangeAurora DK Yarn Full RangeAurora DK Yarn Full Range
Aurora DK Yarn Full RangeAurora DK Yarn Full RangeAurora DK Yarn Full Range
Aurora DK, Colours 01-06 (left to right)

As a classic Double Knit weight yarn, Aurora DK calls for a 4mm/US6 hook or needle and comes as an 80% Acrylic/ 20% Wool Mix. For 100g balls, Aurora comes with great meterage so the yarn goes a really long way.

Check out the photo below of a granny square cardigan being made by Sheila. Sheila combined 3 different shades of Aurora for this vibrant project, and told us she managed to get 15 granny squares out of just one ball!

Aurora DK in cardigan form, a WIP by loyal customer Sheila

With a discounted price of £3.80 using your Yarn Corner discount and 15 whole granny squares spun into each ball, Aurora DK is a must buy if you’re itching to sink your hook/needle into an exciting new project.

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Aurora DK will work with any classic double knit pattern that you have in mind, whether it be vibrant accessories, striking sweaters, or warm multicolour blankets. There’s no need to worry about switching colours; this yarn does all the work for you!

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