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Yarn Corner: Mindful Making

Let me take you on a tour of our huge range of brand new craft kits!

As this is our 40th edition, I wanted to do something a bit different for Yarn Corner this week. Instead of featuring one yarn, I’ll be showcasing a whole range of craft kits. The Mindful Making range is a new collection from DMC and we’re stocking 16 different kits across a range of crafts: cross stitch, punch needle, embroidery, macrame, knitting and crochet. For the next two weeks, you can get 15% off our Mindful Making Kits, so learning a new craft has never been easier! See Edition #40 for your exclusive discount code.

New from French brand DMC, the global leader in embroidery floss, is this diverse range of complete projects. Each kit comes prepackaged in a sleek cardboard box, making them ideal for gifts. Inside the boxes, you’ll find one set of instructions, yarn or thread to complete your project, and any accessories or tools you’ll need along the way.

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Stitch. Breath. Repeat.

Mindful Making is a range of needlecraft kits designed to slow the mind, center the spirit, and help you find your flow. We focus on beautiful, achievable pieces with simple, joyfully repetitive designs (in crochet and knitting).

Mindful Making Kits provide all the tools, materials, help and support you need to feed your soul through mindful making.

— from DMC

Mindful Making emphasizes the positive mental health effects that are a proven side-effect of relaxing needle-work. DMC recognised the growing need to explore wellness methods in an era with increased stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

Knitting, crochet, and embroidery are some of the most popular creative stress-relieving activities among British people, and with good reason. Crafting is good for your well-being, and is a meditative experience you can enjoy while sitting in front of the TV with your favourite shows.

Babes in the Wool set out 2022 as a year to focus on the mental health benefits of knitting and crocheting. When we first saw this new DMC range, we knew we just had to stock it. You can find 16 different kits in 6 different types of craft on our website here. These are proving to be very popular not just in our shop, but across the world. In fact, DMC sold over 100,000 Mindful Making kits in 2021 alone. Many crafters have found these projects useful when needing to unwind from the daily stresses of living through the global pandemic, as these designs have peacefulness and positivity at the heart of them.

Punch Needle

My personal favourite Mindful Making kit is this Punch Needle Ocean Sunset Design. The art of punch needling involves ‘punching’ loops of yarn through holes of Aida fabric with a specialized needle. Once finished, the make will have a rug-like texture that flows into itself.

I’ve never tried punch needle before, but I love all the different pictures I’ve seen of it on Instagram. The Ocean Meditation Kit is a beginner skill level, so it’s easy to pick up if you haven’t tried this craft before. Beginner describes me exactly, so I might have to give one a go when we get some more in stock!

Babes in the Wool only has one of these punch needle kits left as they’ve been so popular. Let me know in the comments if you want us to stock up on more designs when we place our next order with DMC!

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Cross Stitch

Stitch your own wall art with premium DMC embroidery thread and a detailed pattern. The Peaceful Flowers Cross Stitch Kit is beginner-friendly and an absolutely beautiful pattern.

Skills like this are great to learn as you can use them when working on other projects in the future, whether adding embellished details or taking on complete cross stitch picture designs! The Mindful Making kits are a great starting point, and DMC has put together quick free YouTube tutorials to go with each of their mindful styles of crafting.

Here’s a close up of one of the designs available:


We picked up quite a few embroidery kits in this collection. All of these designs are beautifully detailed, and 4 of the kits we stock come with two designs in the same box so they’re great value too.

The Quiet Garden Embroidery Duo Kit shown below is the perfect piece to pick up if you have a bit of experience already or you’re looking for a creative challenge. At £20 for two full projects, you’ll gain hours and hours of mindful making meditation without having to worry about choosing the right materials.

DMC sells millions of strands of embroidery thread all around the world every year. They’re the most trusted thread supplier not only for Babes in the Wool, but for every major craft retailer in the UK and the US. Buying a complete DMC embroidery kit ensures you’re getting a top quality product from a company with years of experience selling threads and supplies.

This is what DMC has to say about The Quiet Garden Kit:

Lose yourself in the tranquility of nature and allow your creativity to blossom as you watch this tranquil garden grow. This beginner-friendly embroidery kit includes step-by-step instructions, making it easy to unwind with soul-soothing stitching.


Beginner Knit Kits! DMC outdid itself with a full range of easy-to-start knitting projects in stylish designs and colours. The Serene Scarf takes 8 hours to make and finishes into a bi-colour design.

I’m not the best knitter in the world, but some of my favourite jumpers of all time have been hand-knitted, so I’d like to eventually up my game enough to give one a proper go. With a free video tutorial like this, knitting a scarf doesn’t look too scary.

In addition to a basic scarf kit, we’re also stocking The Meditative Cushion:

The Quiet Time Blanket Kit:

And The Together Hat and Snood Kit:

That’s a lot of knitting! Remember, each kit comes with everything you need to make the full project.


Have you been crocheting for a while and want to tackle your first big project? Taking 16 hours to complete, this full-size granny square blanket is both easy for a crochet newcomer and a real test of conviction to get to the finish line.

For £30 (not including your discount), you’ll receive 6 balls of yarn, 1 crochet hook, a sewing needle, and complete instructions. The granny square is the most essential crochet building block for your overall skillset, and is something that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced makers alike.

Click here to buy straight from! And make sure to use your In the Wool discount code to save 15% on any Mindful Making kit for the next two weeks.

In addition to a full granny square blanket, DMC has released a trendy new cushion crochet kit that we picked up for our website.

The Contemplative Cushion contains 200g of yarn, a hook, a sewing needle, and instructions. Going round and round in a double crochet circle will definitely have you feeling zen while making.


And last but not least, Macrame! Macrame has been growing in popularity in recent years, so we were extra excited to find a complete beginner’s kit at the end of DMC’s range. Here is The Wind Down Table Mat:

Containing high quality DMC yarn and cord, you’ll walk away from this project feeling as good about your macrame skills as you are about the plate of food sitting on top of your table mat. Macrame is a simple craft that tests and improves your dexterity. It also results in strong, long-lasting makes that are often used for every day function as much as they are decoration.

With this kit comes a detailed instruction video made by DMC.

With all these tools and different schools of craft, this collection of kits is the perfect choice for anyone looking to pick up a new skill this year. Babes in the Wool is so sure you’ll love trying one that the full range is covered by this week’s In the Wool Yarn Corner Discount. Check Edition #40 for your exclusive discount code!

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